cause we are...

cause we are...

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a bit different.

We are a Berlin based independent agency founded by strategists, storytellers, brand builders and dreamers, working together to create immersive brand experience that truly matters. For our clients and their clients.

We believe in the power of creativity that produces a deeply felt connection between brands, products or services and the consumer. A sustainable connection that empowers them to constantly connect and interact with each other at eye level.

We believe in the power of emotions created by this connection. That's why we do not think in channels or touchpoints. We think and create from the emotional perspective of the consumer.

And we have a name for it. We call it CPC - Consumer Perspective Communication.

An evolution of the Customer Experience, that connects all the knowledge from traditional, digital and technological creativity.



the team behind the team. 

  Claudia Graf  I  Co-Founder

Claudia Graf  I  Co-Founder

  Mischa  I  Feel-Good-Officer

Mischa  I  Feel-Good-Officer

  Sebastian Sotzek  I   Co-Founder

Sebastian Sotzek  I Co-Founder



looking for the perfect match.

We’re always looking for professionals who will make our collective weirder, crazier, kinder or stronger in any way. It doesn't make a difference to us, whether you're a Junior or an Executive, a Freelancer or looking for a permanent position. What truly matters to us is that you are really passionate and can dream with us and our clients.

Interested? Shoot us a message or drop by for a coffee:



currently pretty busy,
it's coming soon. Promise. 



up for new challenges.